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Uplyme Fete Revival

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Joined: 14 Sep 2005

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Location: Rhode Hill, Uplyme

PostPosted: 16/06/13, 11:44    Post subject: Uplyme Fete Revival Reply with quote

After a year or twos absence the Uplyme Fête has been resuscitated by new management. Was it a success? How could next year’s event be even better? Can I suggest that you use the Uplyme Forum to leave your recommendations and observations to the management.

If you merely judge its success on the number of punters it attracted then it was a great success. Though I doubt if the large number of people who were turned away because of the lack of parking places would agree. This is a serious problem which will not go away in the future for once or if the new school is built on the land now used for ‘overflow’ – perhaps not the right term for a floodplain - parking the problem will be even greater.

Car parking spaces were also taken up by stallholders. For they were only allowed to take their vehicles to their pitches whilst setting up and had to remove them to the parking before the fête got underway only being allowed to return after it hhad finished. Whether this restriction was because of wear and tear on the ground or one of tidiness I don't know. If it were the former then one journey would have been better than two on the hallowed turf.

By arranging the greatly increased number of stalls around the circumference of the field in a single string it resulted in giving the impression of emptiness and I personally found it a daunting task to contemplate a circular trip around the entire encampment. This sparseness could easily be overcome by having two rows or more facing each other. This would allow much more space outside the ring enabling more parking for the stallholders. I do fell that the atmosphere would also be improved if the stalls were arranged closer together. Do we really need two arenas in the centre?

Another problem I detected was the complete disregard of the timetable of events. Certain events were allowed to grossly overrun to the degree that someone said that the schedule was running over an hour late. With so many performances arranged it is essential that the timetable be kept to. I was aware that one demonstration that should be nameless seemed to go on and on.

But lets give praise where it is due to an overall great show and with a little fine tuning it could be even better.
It's later than you think
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Joined: 17 Sep 2005

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Location: Lyme Rd, Uplyme

PostPosted: 17/06/13, 07:13    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sounds great. We had hoped to come over to see the newly revived fete but time was not on my side.

It is difficult to imagine how the parking problem can be fixed. Maybe a shuttle bus arranged to come from say Holmbush in Lyme, or maybe a field up on the coast road?

As you say Rhodie, the organisers should be congratulated on picking it up and making sure the Uplyme Fete doesnt get forgotten forever.

it's never too late
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Claire Griffin

Joined: 26 Mar 2006

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Location: Uplyme

PostPosted: 18/06/13, 18:03    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you Rhodie for your comments. The issue of the car parking is long standing as you can imagine with limited parking in Uplyme full stop, and yes with the school being built on the other part of Lauries field in the future yes parking will be even tighter. The idea of a shuttle bus did crop up at our meetings, but obviously we wanted to make it as cost effective as possible, and that would of been an expenditure we would of had before we knew if the fete was a success or not.
But it is definitely something I will take to our further meetings as a suggestion.

The circumference stalls was to fit all the stall holders in, unfortunately due to the weather on that morning we had a few not turn up and the bouncy castle which would of taken up space couldn't set up due to the rain.

Best laid plans, with the time table of events we had one little issue with music, and by time we had solved it we had over run, but hopefully people did not mind too much as it is a village fete and not a concert etc. but thank you very much for your kind words about the fete, and next yr we will be back.
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