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Pedestrian safety on village road with no footpath - ideas?

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PostPosted: 25/11/17, 06:56    Post subject: Pedestrian safety on village road with no footpath - ideas? Reply with quote


We are a small village with no footpaths by the road, so villagers must walk in the road. So if villagers want to walk to the church, postbox, village hall, school or sports ground or from the bus stop a mile away they must walk on the road. In recent years it is feeling increasingly dangerous to walk on the road, as lorries and delivery vehicles are coming through, and even if they are driving at 30mph, it is not safe to walk through the village as you are on the road. Many speed vehicles around the corners and treat the village like a rat run.

We are looking for suggestions as to how we could improve the situation, bearing in mind that our Council says they have no funds for anything!

A few facts-

Our village is signed 'village only' when you turn off the main road, and the signposts take people to the neighbouring village via another route (through another village rather than through Holton). Obviously people ignore that, but any advice on reducing road usage would be useful.

At one point the road narrows to about 1.5 lanes, ie there is a not a 2 lane road throughout. However that point is only a few metres. But if we can 'use' this information to get the road re-classified to single lane it might help?

There are 'pedestrians on road' signs at either end of the village (1.5 miles apart) but these are ineffectual and in fact I hadn't even noticed them myself until pointed out.

Given that there is no footpath does this affect the road classification?

Have you any advice on what we can do to
a) minimise through traffic
b) achieve a reduced speed through the village, given that pedestrians must use the road but the council won't pay for traffic calming
c) get the road classification changed if necessary

Am I correct in thinking that satnavs should not take vehicles through our village as a through route if the sign says 'village only' at one end?

Would a road classification change help with getting taken off satnav routes?

Does the fact that there is no footpath give us any clout due to pedestrian safety and local quality of life/amenity? Does that give us a valid reason to have traffic calming measures or a lower speed limit?

We can't afford chicanes but know of instances where large planters have been used to the same effect so that traffic has to slow down to pass. We have also had the idea of building the grass verges out in places with posts on, to create a more 'rurally sympathetic' type of chicane. Current guidance seems to be that road signs should be minimised, and other 'cues' should be used to slow traffic down. Any advice on achieving this cheaply and sympathetically to a rural environment?

The village used to have a gravel footpath on the verges 50 years ago, and we have photographic evidence. The verges have been eroded and the footpaths not maintained, and indeed the verges are now too uneven to walk on, as they have had soil dumped on them from ditch clearance. Could we force the Council to reinstate footpaths/flatten the verges, as they allowed them to fall into disrepair? The council state that verges are pedestrian refuges. They can't be used as such at the moment as they are too uneven to walk on or jump onto in an emergency, and there are blind bends throughout the village, so pedestrians are in real danger.

Tractors with 2 metre diameter wheels also come through our village at speed (though they deny speeding if asked). It is extremely intimidating if walking with children.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


Also you can check this

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