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msc napoli cargo ship

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northern lass

Joined: 27 Mar 2006

Posts: 6
Location: the north

PostPosted: 23/01/07, 15:02    Post subject: msc napoli cargo ship Reply with quote

Hi there Im at work in washington north east england at the moment and our topic of convo at the moment is the cargo ship MSC Napoli, we were wondering if anyone had been salvaging on the beach, is it like they are saying in the newspapers?

I work at the printing company who printed all that particular vessels stationery!! cant believe it. All my hard work typing despatch notes for customs was in vain! thanks michellex Wink
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Joined: 17 Sep 2005

Posts: 706
Location: Lyme Rd, Uplyme

PostPosted: 24/01/07, 09:43    Post subject: beach Reply with quote

Hi Michelle,

There has been much talk in the media about the incident.

Personally I am amazed that they were allowed to tow this leaky tub into a lovely unspoilt spot like Lyme Bay (having bypassed Falmouth, with major docks and cargo handling facilities) instead heading for Portland, knowing full well they would have to round Portland Bill - a trecherous bit of sea at any time, let alone in bad weather.

Having dumped the leaky wreck here, I don't think anyone should be surprised if locals take stuff from the beach. Whether or not they report what they have taken is up to their individual conciences. The law is clear.

As to the major environmental disaster - there is no real sign of it yet. There is certainly an impact already, with oiled seabirds being the main problem at the moment. The paper and plastic litter that was strewn about is hardly a major disaster and could be readily picked up and burnt on the beach (again not great ecologically, but hardly a 'disaster').

Certainly things could get worse especially with increasing wind speeds at the end of the week, hopefully by then most of the oil wil have been taken away. But why can't the media report the facts and not just speculate based upon the more outlandish reports they have from the most extreme interests.

As far as whether people should pick up the stuff from the beach. Ask yourself what is better - an individual recovering (say) a car gearbox or a motorbike and receiving a salvage reward from the owner, or leaving it to slowly break apart on the beach spilling oil and bits of sharp metal around ?

it's never too late
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Joined: 14 Sep 2005

Posts: 425
Location: Rhode Hill, Uplyme

PostPosted: 24/01/07, 11:34    Post subject: Reply with quote

I went there on Sunday when the police were keeping people off the beach, and even one section of the cliffs, with the lame excuse that there was danger from toxic fumes.

What is not like they are saying in the newspapers and particularly on BBC TV, coverage by whom has been appalling, is the environmental consequences. We are continually told that the oil slick is just 5 kms long and only a handful of birds have been affected. Oiled birds are now being found on beaches and rocky headlands as far as Portland Bill and beyond. Approaching a thousand guillemots alone have now been collected for treatment. It is recognized that numbers turning up on the beaches is a fraction of the total numbers that would have been contaminated, many are believed to sink without trace.

We are also told that the oil is being contained within a floating anti-pollution boom around the wreck. The BBC keep recycling this report. A boom was originally laid out but when the containers went into the sea the barrier was torn and has not been replaced so nothing is being done about the oil going onto the sea..

The most informative and accurate report that I have been able to find was on an American Environmental News website. On this site I found who decided that the Jurassic Coast was a suitable site to dump this >70,000 ton of junk.
"Robin Middleton, Secretary of State's Representative in Maritime Salvage and Intervention who is leading the MCAs salvage response team said, "The vessel is now aground but tonight's storms are making her roll. A number of containers have been lost overboard, we think about 50."
Middleton said that the environmental sensitivities in the Lyme Bay area were fully assessed before the decision to beach the Napoli was made.
He said, "The beaching location was selected based on minimizing the impact of any spillage and enabling salvage work to remove the vessel and cargo to take place. The local authorities and environmental groups have been notified and all agencies are working together to ensure that pollution is minimized." "

This is the man who told us that pumping out the oil would take two or three days and would commence on Sunday. In fact it was started, intermittently, on Tuesday and will now take at least a week. It is also his decision because the ecological sensitivities of the area are so low on the scale that the boom is not replaced around the wreck and oil will continues to drift across Lyme Bay for I assume until the tanks are empty. I dare say that if the oil was going ashore, especially, at places such as Lyme’s new dog-free beach we would hear a little more about it. As it is only a few hundred sea-birds will die. A case of out of sight out of mind.

History shows that when it comes to shipping disasters the original optimistic assertions and statements that there will be no pollution, the ship will not break up, the environment and coast will be protected etc., holds, unlike the Napoli, little or no water. With this in mind I wonder what we should read into the statement that it would probably take 12 months to remove the 2,200 or so remaining containers. Is one to believe that the ship will remain in tact for this period of time especially in the light that it was said the reason for beaching the ship in Lyme Bay was because there was the danger of it breaking up if the journey to Portland Harbour was continued.

Misinformation is riff regarding the whole incident including that of the salvage of the cargo. One moment we are told that the 160 or so containers with the toxic and dangerous materials are in the hold. But that these will be the first to be removed from the ship. How, with many hundreds of containers above them on the deck, perhaps by opening the ships side with a tin opener?

Fear not, Northern Lass, of missing out on this pantomime for the best is yet to come. There is £3,000,000 worth of nickel on board probably in handy ingots. We have yet to see how the wreck behaves in a south westerly gale. It is almost certain that more of the containers will go overboard and we have a year for this to happen. The chances that other areas will “benefit” from the landfall of the containers is very high. If the wreck had been half a mile to the east then most of the containers would have missed the Branscombe beach and spill their bounty in the wider Lyme Bay. Different states of the tide and wind will do likewise and we can look forward to an exciting lottery taking place in the next 12 months.

The 2007 holiday season promises to be the best on record. Tourist will come in their droves to see this. Cool

Surely your typing was not in vain for you must have a record of what was on board. Very useful information. For instance can you tell me which container the Owners Handbooks for a BMW 1200cc bikes can be found
Question Wink
It's later than you think
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northern lass

Joined: 27 Mar 2006

Posts: 6
Location: the north

PostPosted: 26/01/07, 14:16    Post subject: MSC NAPOLI Reply with quote

Good afternoon and can I just say thank-you to you both for most interesting and detailed replies.

It seems the environmenmental consequences could go on for quite some time.
A good point made by Geoff regarding the car parts/metal etc yes if they were left this could endanger more animals etc

rhodie, I dont know which containers the handbooks for the BMW bikes are, however I can tell you where an engine or grbage log book may be located! Wink thanks again michelle
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