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Rachel ELLIS's parents: Joseph ELLIS (1770- ) and Sarah LEECH (1770- )

Rachel ELLIS (1799-1856)

Name: Rachel ELLIS
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph ELLIS (1770- )
Mother: Sarah LEECH (1770- )

Marriage (1)

      Spouse: Thomas LEECH [L], Thomas Leech
      Child: Sarah Ann Ellis LEECH
      Child: Bosdin Thomas LEECH, LEECH Bosdin Thomas (younger) (Chetham's)
      Child: Daniel John LEECH, LEECH-Daniel-John
Spouse Thomas LEECH [L] (1790-1863)
Children Sarah Ann Ellis LEECH (1833-1904)
Maria Laurina LEECH (1835-1915)
Bosdin Thomas LEECH (1836-1912)
Eliza Francis LEECH (1838-1897)
John LEECH ( - )
Daniel John LEECH (1840-1900)
John Joseph LEECH (1842-1901)
Marriage (1) 27 Feb 1833 (age 34) Darton, YKS
Marriage (2) 27 Feb 1833 (age 34) Darton, Yks

Marriage (2)

Spouse (unknown)
Marriage 27 Feb 1833 (age 34) Darton, Yks


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