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Marriage of Kenneth Browne and Vera Flower on the 8th Jun 1946 in Irlam.


Welcome to the homepage of my BROWNE, FLOWER and LEECH family history / genealogy project.

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- Last updated 5/10/2010 -

Browne Genealogy and Flower Genealogy.

These online pages are only a very brief index to an offline database of further information on more than 3,000 members of the extended family. My document archive includes BMD, Census returns, family photographs and scans of handwritten documents/ Parish Records. Wherever possible, all but the briefest details of living persons have been omitted from this on-line representation to protect privacy.

This project is by its very nature, a continuing 'work in progress' and this website is the briefest of indexes to a large accumulation of family information.

If you have any queries at all, I would be delighted to help. Please contact geoff.browne@uplyme.com.



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