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Baden-Powell Lyme Bay Scouts



New Scout Group in Uplyme

For Boys & Girls aged 10 to 15 for Fun, Adventure & Challenging pursuits. Starting: September 3th 2008 at the Uplyme Village Hall. 18 vacancies in total available (5 taken up, 3 boys & 2 girls) first come first served basis. We have a Female Leader Juliet Shaw &  Male Leader Ed Blundell, so we can take both boys & girls.

Sessions are every Wednesday during Term time from 1645hrs to 1845hrs (4.45pm to 6.45pm) at the Uplyme Village Hall. The First 2 sessions are "taster" sessions & are not charged for. This allows the the potential scout to see if they enjoy it (or not) & would like to carry on.



About the Baden-Powell Scouts Association

The Baden-Powell Lyme-Bay Scouts is an independent Scout Association and proud members of the World Federation of Independent Scouts. The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association (BPSA) holds the ideals of Scouting that were created by our founder. The history of our Association dates back to the foundations of Scouting in the UK in 1908.

Our Association use the same badge system, ranks and uniform that were worn by Scouts nearly 100 years ago. We follow a charter set down in our Policy Association Rules. We have no Paid Executive Staff or Leaders.

We believe that the original Scouting programme practiced in the BPSA is more exciting, fun, challenging and personally demanding. The traditional programme also develops a sense of duty, personal discipline and honour. Some don't see these matters as important but we do! Our Scouts enjoy the traditional Scouting skills; lighting fire by friction, navigating by means other than a compass, backwoods cooking, camping skills & more.


Initial 6 week Programme for Tenderfoots


The Initial 6 week Programme for Tenderfoot Scouts Covers the following:

  • Background on Scouting & Baden Powell. Leaflet & Talk (very brief, with fun & challenging games to highlight certain aspects )

  • Learning the Scout Promise & Scout Law. (Memory, Round Robin, & other games to assist in this)

  • Learn the Salute, Sign & Handshake: how to use, the stories behind each & when to use.

  • learn the Composition of the Union Flag (Union Jack) How to Fold, Hoist, Break & Fly the Flag.

  • Learn how to demonstrate woodcraft signs, to give directions & to leave patrol messages. (20+ to learn)

  • Learn & demonstrate the following knots: Reef Knot, Sheet Bend, clove hitch, Bowline, Round Turn & 2 half Hitches, Sheep Shank, & Common/Simple Rope whipping, West Country Whipping.

  • Take part in the following Patrol & Troop Activities: Hike (no less than 10kms), Weekend Camp (local) & a Pioneering Project, such as tidying up a country footpath, nature reserve or coastline.



Below are listed some of the badges that you can strive for: Air Apprentice | Air Glider | Air Spotter | Aircraft Modeller | Angler | Athlete | Backwoodsman | Bandsman | Basket maker | Bellringer | Camper | Canoeist | Collector | Conservationist | Cook (Camp) |Coxswain | Crime Prevention | Cyclist Explorer | Fire Prevention | First Aid | Friendship | Gardener | Guide | Homemaker | Host |Jobman | Joiner | Leather Worker | Lifesaver | Linguist | Marksman | Master-at-Arms | Metal Worker | Music Maker | Needleworker | Oarsman | Observer | Orienteer | Photographer | Pioneer | Piper | Printer | Reader | Rider | Rope Spinner | Scribe | Signaller | Smallholder | Speaker | Sportsman | Starman | Swimmer | Tracker | Weatherman | Wirelessman | Woodcraftsmen | Scout Citizenship Award | Beaver Instructor Badge | Wolf Cub Instructor Badge



All our Adult Leaders are CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checked & are all fully trained & fully Insured, with regular CPD &  refresher courses. 




Membership fees are only 15.00 per year with a Term Supplement of 36.00 / term (108.00 / year). 


Contact Details


For more information & application forms to be a Baden Powell Scout or even a Scout Leader or Scout Assistant please contact Ed Blundell:-


Phone:01297-444037 or email scoutleader@baden-powell-lyme-bay-scouts.co.uk or write to: BADEN-POWELL LYME-BAY SCOUTS, c/o Ed Blundell or Juliet Shaw, The Downs, Woodhouse Hill, Uplyme, Lyme Regis, DT7 3SL.


Click here for the group's website.


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