3 Jun 2023
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Sitting Spiritually (garden swing seats)


Bramble Hayes, Yawl Hill Lane, Uplyme, Lyme Regis, Dorset DT7 3RP


Martin Young extends an invitation to you to visit his garden and experience his unique range of garden seats - please phone first to make an appointment.


Special Xmas Offer


Choose your own inscription for this Garden Rope Swing for the ideal, personalised Christmas gift. Loop the strong, hand-spliced ropes around a sturdy tree branch, then rock to and fro on the oak seat (75cm x 25cm), which ages naturally to an attractive silver.



Martin's success is built around quality and integrity. It was the realisation that a market existed for exceptionally well made and individually designed garden swing seats that fuelled his desire to achieve all this without compromising his eco principles.


His first choice of material is therefore oak: strong, durable, with a transparent supply chain of timber from regenerated forests close to home. Oak also has another advantage, which is that it is simply the craftsman's favourite resource.


Now his company, Sitting Spiritually, is renowned for making top quality garden furniture to each individual's requirements.



Our policy is to follow the FSC "Chain of Custody" thus ensuring all timber used to make your swing seats is tracked from felling (and subsequent replanting), to sawmill, to shipper, to timber merchant and finally to workshop. We only use Oak, Western Red Cedar and joinery quality softwood Vac-Vac treated.


Creating the difference - naturally

Telephone 01297 443084 or 07837 651283
Email martin@sittingspiritually.co.uk
Website http://www.sittingspiritually.co.uk

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